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Hearts Embrace Bracelet Sterling Silver

Hearts Embrace Bracelet Sterling Silver

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The hearts embrace bracelet serves as a symbolic piece of jewelry that represents deep love, connection, and unity between two individuals. The necklace features two embracing hearts, each representing a person, intertwined. To add to its elegance and give an extra personal touch, we engrave two names/words of your choice and add two birthstones of your choice.  This unique bracelet is made with gorgeous .925 sterling silver for a beautiful shine that lasts. 


  • .925 Sterling Silver 
  • 2 names or words of your choice engraved
  • Up to 8 characters for each word/name
  • 2 Birthstones of your choice in brilliant zircon crystal
  • Cable chain
  • Choice of chain length from 5 1/2” - 7 1/2”
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